A night at the British Museum

This was probably one of the most challenging events we have ever been involved with. This corporate dinner required us to deliver an incredibly tight service time with military precision. So meticulous was the planning, that we had a day rehearsal in another venue as well as a dress rehearsal in the British Museum the night before the event. Guests arrived through the main entrance to the museum and made their way through to the Egyptian Gallery for the drinks reception.

Upon entering the Great Court guests were wowed with a stunning projection onto the core of the Library which evolved throughout the evening taking guests on an experiential journey punctuated with performances and the carefully curated menu. Lavender Green transformed the space by bringing the outside in to create an al fresco dining space filled with trees, foliage and flowers. The table centres were lit from underneath to give the impression of floating above the tablecloth.

In addition to the incredibly fast service required, guests had the option of three different starters and main courses to choose from requiring the table hosts to take orders for each table. 200 guests were served in six and a half minutes for each course requiring double the number of staff and kitchen passes that one would usually need.

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