Corporate Anniversary

This time we went back to the 80’s on both sides of the Atlantic. The tunnels of Tobacco Dock provided the perfect shell to create pockets of experiences transporting guests into different scenes from this decade. In addition to the central champagne bar, guests could have draught lagers on tap at the Cheers bar, or if cocktails were in order, then the Only Fools and Horses inspired Trotter’s lounge provided not only piƱa coladas, but stand up comedy and cabaret entertainment.

A photo booth complete with oversized props from the 80’s gave guests plenty of laughs and they walked away with Polaroid snaps of themselves and their colleagues. In a darkened wing of the Docks, Zoltar, of the film Big, greeted you with his crystal ball and dispensed his fortune upon you.

Retro arcade games and a bowling alley brought out the competitive side of everyone and vodka slush puppies kept sugar levels up. A decadent seafood station took pride of place in the ‘Dynasty’ dining room. Live music rounded off the evening with guests having to step back into the reality of the cold winter’s night in a different century.

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