Ménagerie à Tower

Menagerie á Tower was an incredibly fun project which allowed us to be hugely creative with the history of the Tower of London. Unbeknownst to many, the Tower used to be home to an exotic array of wild animals that were gifted over the years by other countries to the reigning monarchs. Guests arrived to the Tower and were greeted by the sounds of wild animals emanating from the life size chicken wire animal sculptures dotted throughout the grounds. Projections of animals in the wild and the famous black ravens adorned the White Tower itself.

Guests entered through jungle style foliage and upstairs into our Jungle Club setting. We created a cocktail safari, so rather than a fixed central bar, there were four satellite bars each serving a different cocktail representing a different animal. As the bartender mixed your drink, the host would tell you the story behind that animal at the Tower such as the polar bear who used to catch his own dinner from the Thames whilst on a long metal chain. As well as canapés we had three food bars – herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, which covered all tastes and dietary requirements. Pan ‘n’ Ice served up ice cream rolls to order and our handmade leopard and zebra print chocolate truffles rounded off the evening’s menu.

Lavender Green styled the space with palms and vines and little details like animal figurines in the sand at the bases of the vases.The space was generously furnished with mirrored bars and coffee tables, velvet sofas and lanterns from Great Hire. Two glitter ball panthers flanked the DJ booth where two top DJ’s pumped out club style music creating the kind of event never seen before in the four walls of the Tower.

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