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  • Event Catering - Truffle Hunt

We recently stayed at the beautiful Crillon Le Brave in Provence to find out more about how truffles are grown and discovered.

Truffles were off the menu during the Middle Ages as the church believed their exotic aroma was the work of the devil. They regained popularity under the reign of Louis XIV who tried unsuccessfully to cultivate them. These days the spores of the mushroom are introduced to the roots of oak and hazel saplings, which become the host plant. There’s no guarantee and of course without the help of man’s best friend, you wouldn’t know where to start looking! Puppies are trained from birth by lacing their milk with truffle and also playing hide and seek so that it becomes a game of find and reward.

Truffles are best used in creamy dishes or with subtle flavours to allow the truffle to shine and most importantly be generous with it!

Truffle hunting weekends take place during March and October and include a visit to a nearby Chateauneuf-de-Pape

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